Published Reports & Reviews

Copies of these reports can be obtained by contacting H. Newton Associates Ltd through this website. Please note all articles are the copyright of H. Newton Associates Ltd.

1. April 2014 – An Independent Assessment of the External Ambulance Support Environment in the UK.
A detailed research based report for a specific client highlighting the challenges facing the Ambulance Services in the UK and how some Charities and Private Sector providers can make a valuable contribution to the delivery of health and social care in this sector.

Please note – the full report cannot be released but an abstract is available by contacting H. Newton Associates Ltd.

2.September 2014 – Mission critical Communications in the Ambulance Service.
The purpose of this report is to demonstrate the significant importance of mission critical mobile communications to a high performing NHS Ambulance Service. It will demonstrate to the reader how ambulance services have evolved since 1977 and how new technology has assisted this evolution. It will also review how ambulance services are having to change to meet a number of different and at times competing demands and how new technology can be seen as an enabler to constant change and improvement.

3. September 2014 – Final Report for South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust following the Independent Investigation into the fatal road traffic collision that occurred on 26th April 2013 on the A337.

4. April 2016 – Whitepaper : Research paper regarding the case for greater collaboration across the Blue light services titled ” Ambulance Services and the case for greater collaboration” and can be found at